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    FTP Policy Focus Series

    Hainan Free Trade Port Law



Hainan Free Trade Port Law of 

the People’s Republic of China


(Adopted at the 29th session of the Thirteenth Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China on June 10, 2021).

第一章 总则 

Chapter I. General Provisions

第一条  为了建设高水平的中国特色海南自由贸易港,推动形成更高层次改革开放新格局,建立开放型经济新体制,促进社会主义市场经济平稳健康可持续发展,制定本法。

Article 1: For the purposes of building a high-level Hainan Free Trade Port (hereinafter referred to as HNFTP) with Chinese characteristics, promoting the formation of a new pattern of higher-level reform and opening-up, establishing a new system of an open economy, and advancing the stable, sound and sustainable development of the socialist market economy, this Law is formulated.

第二条  国家在海南岛全岛设立海南自由贸易港,分步骤、分阶段建立自由贸易港政策和制度体系,实现贸易、投资、跨境资金流动、人员进出、运输来往自由便利和数据安全有序流动。海南自由贸易港建设和管理活动适用本法。本法没有规定的,适用其他有关法律法规的规定。

Article 2: The State designates the Hainan Island in its entirety to be within the jurisdiction of the HNFTP, and will establish a system of policies and rules for the HNFTP on a progressive basis to allow free and convenient movement of trade, investments, capital, persons, and transportation, and safe and orderly flow of data, within and into/out of HNFTP. This Law shall apply to all the construction and management activities of HNFTP, and any matters uncovered hereunder shall be subject to related provisions of other laws and regulations.

第三条  海南自由贸易港建设,应当体现中国特色,借鉴国际经验,围绕海南战略定位,发挥海南优势,推进改革创新,加强风险防范,贯彻创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的新发展理念,坚持高质量发展,坚持总体国家安全观,坚持以人民为中心,实现经济繁荣、社会文明、生态宜居、人民幸福。

Article 3: To achieve economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livability and people’s happiness, Chinese characteristics shall be embodied, international experience drawn on, Hainan’s strategic positioning retained, Hainan’s advantages given full play to, reforms and innovations promoted, risk prevention strengthened, new concepts in favor of innovations, balanced development, environment-friendliness, openness and sharing implemented, and the high-quality development idea, the overall national security concept and the people-oriented principle upheld in constructing HNFTP.

第四条  海南自由贸易港建设,以贸易投资自由化便利化为重点,以各类生产要素跨境自由有序安全便捷流动和现代产业体系为支撑,以特殊的税收制度安排、高效的社会治理体系和完备的法治体系为保障,持续优化法治化、国际化、便利化的营商环境和公平统一高效的市场环境。

Article 4: HNFTP shall be focused on promoting the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment by facilitating the free, orderly, safe, and convenient flow of production factors into/out of it and establishing a modern industrial system, be guaranteed with special tax system arrangements, an efficient social governance system and a complete system of rule of law, and commit to constantly improving its law-based, international and favorable business environment and its fair, unified and efficient market environment.

第五条  海南自由贸易港实行最严格的生态环境保护制度,坚持生态优先、绿色发展,创新生态文明体制机制,建设国家生态文明试验区。

Article 5: HNFTP shall implement the strictest ecological and environmental protection system, prioritize ecological conservation and green development, innovate ecological civilization systems and mechanisms, and build a national ecological civilization experimental zone.

第六条  国家建立海南自由贸易港建设领导机制,统筹协调海南自由贸易港建设重大政策和重大事项。国务院发展改革、财政、商务、金融管理、海关、税务等部门按照职责分工,指导推动海南自由贸易港建设相关工作。国家建立与海南自由贸易港建设相适应的行政管理体制,创新监管模式。海南省应当切实履行责任,加强组织领导,全力推进海南自由贸易港建设各项工作。

Article 6: The State shall institute a leadership mechanism to coordinate major policies and issues on the construction of HNFTP. Related authorities under the State Council, including development, reform, finance, commerce, financial management, customs and taxation, shall guide and promote the construction of HNFTP based on their respective functions and terms of reference. The State shall institute an administrative management system that is compatible with the construction of HNFTP, and innovate in the regulatory model, and Hainan province shall fully fulfill responsibilities, strengthen organization and leadership and effectively promote the construction of HNFTP.

第七条  国家支持海南自由贸易港建设发展,支持海南省依照中央要求和法律规定行使改革自主权。国务院及其有关部门根据海南自由贸易港建设的实际需要,及时依法授权或者委托海南省人民政府及其有关部门行使相关管理职权。

Article 7: The State shall support the construction and development of HNFTP, and support Hainan Province in exercising its reform autonomy in compliance with requirements from the Central Government and legal provisions. The State Council and its related authorities shall, based on the actual needs of the construction of HNFTP, authorize or entrust the People’s Government of Hainan Province and/or its related departments to exercise relevant management powers.

第八条  海南自由贸易港构建系统完备、科学规范、运行有效的海南自由贸易港治理体系,推动政府机构改革和职能转变,规范政府服务标准,加强预防和化解社会矛盾机制建设,提高社会治理智能化水平,完善共建共治共享的社会治理制度。国家推进海南自由贸易港行政区划改革创新,优化行政区划设置和行政区划结构体系。

Article 8: HNFTP shall establish a comprehensive, scientific and effective HNFTP governance system, promote the institutional reform and functional transformation of the government, standardize government service standards, strengthen the mechanisms of preventing and resolving social conflicts, enhance the intelligence level of social governance, and improve the social governance model based on collaboration, participation and common interests. The State shall promote the reform and innovation of the administrative divisions of HNFTP, and optimize the establishment and structural system of administrative divisions.

第九条  国家支持海南自由贸易港主动适应国际经济贸易规则发展和全球经济治理体系改革新趋势,积极开展国际交流合作。

Article 9: The State shall support HNFTP in proactively adapting to developments of international economic and trade rules and new trends in the reform of the global economic governance system, and actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation.

第十条  海南省人民代表大会及其常务委员会可以根据本法,结合海南自由贸易港建设的具体情况和实际需要,遵循宪法规定和法律、行政法规的基本原则,就贸易、投资及相关管理活动制定法规(以下称海南自由贸易港法规),在海南自由贸易港范围内实施。海南自由贸易港法规应当报送全国人民代表大会常务委员会和国务院备案;对法律或者行政法规的规定作变通规定的,应当说明变通的情况和理由。海南自由贸易港法规涉及依法应当由全国人民代表大会及其常务委员会制定法律或者由国务院制定行政法规事项的,应当分别报全国人民代表大会常务委员会或者国务院批准后生效。

Article 10: In accordance with this Law and based on specific conditions and actual needs of the construction of HNFTP, the People’s Congress of Hainan Province and its Standing Committee may formulate and implement related regulations on trade, investment and levant management activities (hereinafter referred to as “HNFTP regulations”) in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the basic principles of laws and administrative regulations. These HNFTP regulations shall be filed with the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the State Council, and the circumstances and causes of any modifications to this Law and the HNFTP regulations shall be justified. Any regulations on matters involved herein or HNFTP regulations that shall be formulated by the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee or the State Council by law or administrative regulations shall be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress or the State Council respectively for approval before taking effect.

第二章 贸易自由便利 

Chapter II. Trade Liberalization 

and Facilitation

第十一条  国家建立健全全岛封关运作的海南自由贸易港海关监管特殊区域制度。在依法有效监管基础上,建立自由进出、安全便利的货物贸易管理制度,优化服务贸易管理措施,实现贸易自由化便利化。

Article 11: The State shall establish and improve a Special Customs Supervision Zone system in HNFTP, which is based on independent customs operations and applies in the entire Hainan Island. In ensuring lawful and effective supervision, management rules for free, safe and convenient trade in goods shall be established and management measures for trade in services optimized to achieve trade liberalization and facilitation.

第十二条  海南自由贸易港应当高标准建设口岸基础设施,加强口岸公共卫生安全、国门生物安全、食品安全、商品质量安全管控。

Article 12: HNFTP shall build high-standard port infrastructure, strengthen the management and control in public health, bio-safety, food safety, goods quality.

第十三条  在境外与海南自由贸易港之间,货物、物品可以自由进出,海关依法进行监管,列入海南自由贸易港禁止、限制进出口货物、物品清单的除外。前款规定的清单,由国务院商务主管部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省制定。

Article 13: Except items on the lists of prohibited or restricted imports and exports, all the goods and articles may freely transfer between overseas areas and HNFTP, but the Customs shall conduct supervision by law. The said lists shall be formulated jointly by the competent commerce authority and relevant departments of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第十四条  货物由海南自由贸易港进入境内其他地区(以下简称内地),原则上按进口规定办理相关手续。物品由海南自由贸易港进入内地,按规定进行监管。对海南自由贸易港前往内地的运输工具,简化进口管理。货物、物品以及运输工具由内地进入海南自由贸易港,按国内流通规定管理。货物、物品以及运输工具在海南自由贸易港和内地之间进出的具体办法由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定。

Article 14: Relevant formalities shall in principle be completed for the goods entering other areas within China (hereinafter referred to as the “Chinese mainland”) from HNFTP as required by relevant provisions on import and be subject to supervision by relevant provisions. Simplified import management provisions shall be implemented for the means of transportation from HNFTP to the Chinese mainland, and domestic transportation provisions shall be implemented for the goods, articles and means of transportation entering HNFTP from the Chinese mainland. Specific management measures for the transfer of goods, articles and means of transportation between HNFTP and the Chinese mainland shall be formulated by relevant authorities of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第十五条  各类市场主体在海南自由贸易港内依法自由开展货物贸易以及相关活动,海关实施低干预、高效能的监管。在符合环境保护、安全生产等要求的前提下,海南自由贸易港对进出口货物不设存储期限,货物存放地点可以自由选择。

Article 15: Market participants freely engage in trade in goods and related activities in HNFTP by law, and the Customs shall implement low-intervention and high-efficiency supervision. Subject to related requirements on environmental protection and work safety, HNFTP shall not impose any restrictions on imported and exported goods, including storage venues and periods.

第十六条  海南自由贸易港实行通关便利化政策,简化货物流转流程和手续。除依法需要检验检疫或者实行许可证件管理的货物外,货物进入海南自由贸易港,海关按照有关规定径予放行,为市场主体提供通关便利服务。

Article 16: Facilitated customs clearance policies shall be implemented in HNFTP to simplify the process and formalities for the transfer of goods. Except for the goods subject to inspection, quarantine or license management by law, the Customs clearance to the goods into HNFTP shall be granted by relevant provisions to better serve market participants.

第十七条  海南自由贸易港对跨境服务贸易实行负面清单管理制度,并实施相配套的资金支付和转移制度。对清单之外的跨境服务贸易,按照内外一致的原则管理。海南自由贸易港跨境服务贸易负面清单由国务院商务主管部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省制定。

Article 17: The negative list management system and supporting fund payment and transfer systems shall be implemented in HNFTP for cross-border trade in services and the principle of equal footing for both overseas and domestic market participants shall be followed for cross-border trade in services not on the negative lists. The said negative lists of cross-border trade in services for HNFTP shall be formulated by the competent commerce authority and related departments of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第三章 投资自由便利 

Chapter III. Investment Liberalization 

and Facilitation

第十八条  海南自由贸易港实行投资自由化便利化政策,全面推行极简审批投资制度,完善投资促进和投资保护制度,强化产权保护,保障公平竞争,营造公开、透明、可预期的投资环境。海南自由贸易港全面放开投资准入,涉及国家安全、社会稳定、生态保护红线、重大公共利益等国家实行准入管理的领域除外。

Article 18: Policies for investment liberalization and facilitation shall be implemented in HNFTP, the minimum approval approaches of investments followed across the board, investment promotion and protection systems improved, property rights protection strengthened, and fair competition guaranteed so as to foster an open, transparent and predictable investment environment. Except for areas subject to access management involving national security, social stability, off-limits in ecological protection and significant public interests, full access to investments in all areas shall be granted in HNFTP.

第十九条  海南自由贸易港对外商投资实行准入前国民待遇加负面清单管理制度。特别适用于海南自由贸易港的外商投资准入负面清单由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定,报国务院批准后发布。

Article 19: The system of pre-access national treatment plus negative list management for foreign investments shall be implemented in HNFTP. The special negative lists for foreign investments in HNFTP shall be jointly formulated by relevant authorities of the State Council and Hainan Province, and submitted to the State Council for approval.

第二十条  国家放宽海南自由贸易港市场准入。海南自由贸易港放宽市场准入特别清单(特别措施)由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定。海南自由贸易港实行以过程监管为重点的投资便利措施,逐步实施市场准入承诺即入制。具体办法由海南省会同国务院有关部门制定。

Article 20: The State shall relax restrictions on the market access in HNFTP, and the special lists (special measures) for market access relaxation in HNFTP shall be jointly formulated by relevant authorities of the State Council and Hainan Province. The investment facilitation measures focusing on process supervision shall be implemented, and the system of market access upon commitment be phased in HNFTP. The specific measures shall be jointly formulated by relevant authorities of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第二十一条  海南自由贸易港按照便利、高效、透明的原则,简化办事程序,提高办事效率,优化政务服务,建立市场主体设立便利、经营便利、注销便利等制度,优化破产程序。具体办法由海南省人民代表大会及其常务委员会制定。

Article 21: Under the principles of convenience, efficiency and transparency, HNFTP shall simplify the procedures, improve the efficiency, optimize the government services, establish the systems for streamlining market participants’ formation, operation and cancellation, and improve bankruptcy procedures. The specific measures shall be formulated by the People’s Congress of Hainan Province and its Standing Committee.

第二十二条  国家依法保护自然人、法人和非法人组织在海南自由贸易港内的投资、收益和其他合法权益,加强对中小投资者的保护。

Article 22: The State shall protect the investment, returns and other lawful rights and interests of natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated organizations in HNFTP in accordance with the law, and strengthen the protection of small and medium investors.

第二十三条  国家依法保护海南自由贸易港内自然人、法人和非法人组织的知识产权,促进知识产权创造、运用和管理服务能力提升,建立健全知识产权领域信用分类监管、失信惩戒等机制,对知识产权侵权行为,严格依法追究法律责任。

Article 23: The State shall protect the intellectual property rights of natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated organizations in HNFTP in accordance with the law, promote the enhancement of the service capabilities for creation, use, and management of intellectual property rights, establish and improve the mechanisms for credit classification supervision and punishment for dishonest behaviors in the field of intellectual property rights, and strictly hold infringers legally liable by law.

第二十四条 海南自由贸易港建立统一开放、竞争有序的市场体系,强化竞争政策的基础性地位,落实公平竞争审查制度,加强和改进反垄断和反不正当竞争执法,保护市场公平竞争。海南自由贸易港的各类市场主体,在准入许可、经营运营、要素获取、标准制定、优惠政策等方面依法享受平等待遇。具体办法由海南省人民代表大会及其常务委员会制定。

Article 24: HNFTP shall establish a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system, strengthen the fundamental position of competition policies, implement a fair competition examination system, strengthen and improve law enforcement of anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, and protect the fair competition on the market. Market participants in HNFTP shall enjoy equal treatment in accordance with the law in access permit, business operation, element acquisition, standard-setting, and preferential treatments. The specific measures shall be jointly formulated by the People’s Congress of Hainan Province and its Standing Committee.

第四章 财政税收制度 

Chapter IV. Fiscal and Taxation System

第二十五条  在海南自由贸易港开发建设阶段,中央财政根据实际,结合税制变化情况,对海南自由贸易港给予适当财政支持。鼓励海南省在国务院批准的限额内发行地方政府债券支持海南自由贸易港项目建设。海南省设立政府引导、市场化方式运作的海南自由贸易港建设投资基金。

Article 25: In light of the reality and in consideration of the changes in the tax system, the Central Government shall provide appropriate financial support to the development and construction of HNFTP, and encourage Hainan Province to issue local government bonds for HNFTP development. Hainan Province shall establish and operate a government-guided HNFTP Construction Investment Fund in a market-oriented manner.

第二十六条  海南自由贸易港可以根据发展需要,自主减征、免征、缓征除具有生态补偿性质外的政府性基金。

Article 26: According to development needs, HNFTP may independently reduce, exempt or postpone the levies of government funds other than those of an ecological compensation nature.

第二十七条  按照税种结构简单科学、税制要素充分优化、税负水平明显降低、收入归属清晰、财政收支基本均衡的原则,结合国家税制改革方向,建立符合需要的海南自由贸易港税制体系。全岛封关运作时,将增值税、消费税、车辆购置税、城市维护建设税及教育费附加等税费进行简并,在货物和服务零售环节征收销售税;全岛封关运作后,进一步简化税制。国务院财政部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省及时提出简化税制的具体方案。

Article 27: Under the principles of establishing simple and scientific tax structures, fully optimizing elements of the tax system, significantly reducing tax burdens, clarifying income attributions and striking a basic balance between fiscal revenues and expenditures and in line with the general direction of the national tax system reforms, HNFTP shall establish a tax system suitable for needs. Taxes and fees, such as value-added tax, consumption tax, vehicle purchase tax, urban maintenance and construction tax and education surcharges, shall be streamlined and combined, and sales tax shall be levied on retailed goods and services before independent customs operations across Hainan Island, and the tax system shall be further simplified after independent customs operations across Hainan Island. Specific plans for simplifying the tax system shall be jointly formulated by the finance authority and relevant departments of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第二十八条  全岛封关运作、简并税制后,海南自由贸易港对进口征税商品实行目录管理,目录之外的货物进入海南自由贸易港,免征进口关税。进口征税商品目录由国务院财政部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省制定。全岛封关运作、简并税制前,对部分进口商品,免征进口关税、进口环节增值税和消费税。对由海南自由贸易港离境的出口应税商品,征收出口关税。

Article 28: Upon independent customs operations across Hainan Island and completion of tax streamlining and combination, HNFTP shall implement the catalog management on taxable imported goods and exempt all other goods not in the catalog from import tariffs. The catalog of taxable imported goods shall be formulated in a timely manner by the finance authority and relevant departments of the State Council and Hainan Province. Before independent customs operations across Hainan Island and completion of tax streamlining and combination, some imported goods shall be exempted from import tariffs, import value-added taxes and consumption taxes, but taxable goods exported to overseas areas from HNFTP shall be subject to export tariffs.

第二十九条  货物由海南自由贸易港进入内地,原则上按照进口征税;但是,对鼓励类产业企业生产的不含进口料件或者含进口料件在海南自由贸易港加工增值达到一定比例的货物,免征关税。具体办法由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定。货物由内地进入海南自由贸易港,按照国务院有关规定退还已征收的增值税、消费税。全岛封关运作、简并税制前,对离岛旅客购买免税物品并提货离岛的,按照有关规定免征进口关税、进口环节增值税和消费税。全岛封关运作、简并税制后,物品在海南自由贸易港和内地之间进出的税收管理办法,由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定。

Article 29: Goods entering the Chinese mainland from HNFTP shall be subject to an import tax in principle; however, the goods produced by enterprises in encouraged industries that do not contain imported materials or parts or whose added value reaches a certain proportion after processing even if containing imported materials or parts shall be exempted from the tariff. Specific plans for tax exemptions shall be jointly formulated by relevant departments of the State Council and Hainan Province. For goods entering HNFTP from the Chinese mainland, the value-added tax and consumption tax that has been collected shall be refunded by relevant provisions of the State Council. For the duty-free articles or goods purchased and picked up by travelers before independent customs operations across Hainan Island and completion of tax streamlining and combination, the import tariffs, import value-added tax and excise tax shall be exempted by relevant provisions, and specific tax measures for the articles or goods transferring between HNFTP and the Chinese mainland after independent customs operations across Hainan Island and completion of tax streamlining and combination shall be jointly formulated by relevant authorities of the State Council and Hainan Province.

第三十条  对注册在海南自由贸易港符合条件的企业,实行企业所得税优惠;对海南自由贸易港内符合条件的个人,实行个人所得税优惠。

Article 30: Preferential enterprise income tax shall be levied from qualified enterprises registered in HNFTP, and preferential individual income tax shall be levied for qualified individuals in HNFTP.

第三十一条  海南自由贸易港建立优化高效统一的税收征管服务体系,提高税收征管服务科学化、信息化、国际化、便民化水平,积极参与国际税收征管合作,提高税收征管服务质量和效率,保护纳税人的合法权益。

Article 31: HNFTP shall establish an optimized, efficient and unified tax collection and management service system, improve the scientific, information-based, international and convenient level of tax collection and management services, actively participate in international tax collection and management cooperation, improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management services, and protect the lawful rights and interests of taxpayers.

第五章 生态环境保护 

Chapter V. Ecological and 

Environmental Conservation

第三十二条  海南自由贸易港健全生态环境评价和监测制度,制定生态环境准入清单,防止污染,保护生态环境;健全自然资源资产产权制度和有偿使用制度,促进资源节约高效利用。

Article 32: HNFTP shall improve the ecological environment evaluation and monitoring system, develop an ecological environment access list, prevent pollution, and protect the ecological environment; and improve the property rights system of natural resources and paid use system, and promote conservation and efficient use of resources.

第三十三条 海南自由贸易港推进国土空间规划体系建设,实行差别化的自然生态空间用途管制,严守生态保护红线,构建以国家公园为主体的自然保护地体系,推进绿色城镇化、美丽乡村建设。海南自由贸易港严格保护海洋生态环境,建立健全陆海统筹的生态系统保护修复和污染防治区域联动机制。

Article 33: HNFTP shall promote the territorial space planning system, implement differentiated control of natural ecological space purposes, strictly guard ecological protection red lines, build a nature reserve system consisting mainly of national parks, and promote the initiative of building environment-friendly towns and beautiful villages. HNFTP shall strictly protect marine ecological environments, and establish and improve integrated mechanisms for protecting and restoring terrestrial and marine ecosystems as well as regional coordination mechanisms for pollution prevention and treatment.

第三十四条  海南自由贸易港实行严格的进出境环境安全准入管理制度,加强检验检疫能力建设,防范外来物种入侵,禁止境外固体废物输入;提高医疗废物等危险废物处理处置能力,提升突发生态环境事件应急准备与响应能力,加强生态风险防控。

Article 34: HNFTP shall implement a strict management system for entry and exist environmental safety access, enhance inspection and quarantine capabilities, prevent the invasion of alien species, and prohibit the import of overseas solid wastes; improve the processing and disposal capabilities of medical waste and other hazardous wastes, improve emergency capabilities for ecological and environmental events, and strengthen ecological risk prevention and control.

第三十五条  海南自由贸易港推进建立政府主导、企业和社会参与、市场化运作、可持续的生态保护补偿机制,建立生态产品价值实现机制,鼓励利用市场机制推进生态环境保护,实现可持续发展。

Article 35: HNFTP shall promote the establishment of a government-led, enterprise and society-involved, market-oriented, and sustainable ecological protection compensation mechanism, establish a mechanism for realizing the value of ecological products and encourage the use of market-oriented mechanisms to promote ecological environmental protection and realize sustainable development.

第三十六条  海南自由贸易港实行环境保护目标责任制和考核评价制度。县级以上地方人民政府对本级人民政府负有环境监督管理职责的部门及其负责人和下级人民政府及其负责人的年度考核,实行环境保护目标完成情况一票否决制。环境保护目标未完成的地区,一年内暂停审批该地区新增重点污染物排放总量的建设项目环境影响评价文件;对负有责任的地方人民政府及负有环境监督管理职责的部门的主要责任人,一年内不得提拔使用或者转任重要职务,并依法予以处分。

Article 36: HNFTP shall implement a target-oriented responsibility system and performance appraisal system for environmental protection. Local governments at or above the county level shall have the veto power over the annual environmental protection performance of responsible departments or persons under the governments at the same level and the governments at a lower level and their responsible persons. No approval of the environmental impact assessment for new projects with an additional total discharge of key pollutants shall be granted to the areas failing to achieve their environmental protection goals within one year, and, except for corresponding punishments by law, no promotion or transfer to higher positions of leading responsible persons in responsible local governments or their relevant departments shall be made within one year.

第三十七条  海南自由贸易港实行生态环境损害责任终身追究制。对违背科学发展要求、造成生态环境严重破坏的地方人民政府及有关部门主要负责人、直接负责的主管人员和其他直接责任人员,应当严格追究责任。

Article 37: HNFTP shall implement the system of lifelong accountability for damage to ecological environments, and shall hold strictly liable the leading persons in charge, directly liable persons in charge and other directly liable persons at local governments and their relevant departments that have violated requirements of scientific development and have caused serious damage to ecological environments.

第六章  产业发展与人才支撑 

Chapter VI. Industrial Development 

and Talent Support

第三十八条  国家支持海南自由贸易港建设开放型生态型服务型产业体系,积极发展旅游业、现代服务业、高新技术产业以及热带特色高效农业等重点产业。

Article 38: The State shall support HNFTP in building an open system of ecological and service-oriented industries and actively developing key industries, such as tourism, modern service industry, high-tech industry and high-efficiency agriculture with tropical features.

第三十九条  海南自由贸易港推进国际旅游消费中心建设,推动旅游与文化体育、健康医疗、养老养生等深度融合,培育旅游新业态新模式。

Article 39: HNFTP shall promote the construction of an international tourism and consumption center, advance the in-depth integration among tourism, culture, sports, health care and elderly care, and develop new businesses and new modes of tourism.

第四十条  海南自由贸易港深化现代服务业对内对外开放,打造国际航运枢纽,推动港口、产业、城市融合发展,完善海洋服务基础设施,构建具有国际竞争力的海洋服务体系。境外高水平大学、职业院校可以在海南自由贸易港设立理工农医类学校。

Article 40: HNFTP shall open wider its modern service industry to the Chinese mainland and overseas areas, build an international shipping hub, promote the integrated development of ports, industries and cities, improve the marine service infrastructure, and build an internationally competitive marine service system. High-quality foreign universities and vocational colleges shall be permitted to run their branches of science, engineering, agriculture and medical science in HNFTP.

第四十一条  国家支持海南自由贸易港建设重大科研基础设施和条件平台,建立符合科研规律的科技创新管理制度和国际科技合作机制。

Article 41 The State shall support HNFTP in developing major scientific research infrastructure and foundation platforms, implementing management systems for scientific and technological innovations and establishing mechanisms of international scientific and technological cooperation in compliance with scientific research laws.

第四十二条  海南自由贸易港依法建立安全有序自由便利的数据流动管理制度,依法保护个人、组织与数据有关的权益,有序扩大通信资源和业务开放,扩大数据领域开放,促进以数据为关键要素的数字经济发展。国家支持海南自由贸易港探索实施区域性国际数据跨境流动制度安排。

Article 42: HNFTP shall establish management systems for safe, orderly, free and convenient data flows by law, protect the data-specific rights and interests of individuals and organizations by law, enhance the public accessibility of communication resources, businesses and data fields in an orderly manner, and promote the development of the digital economy with data as key elements. The State shall support HNFTP in pioneering regional institutional arrangements for international flows of data.

第四十三条  海南自由贸易港实施高度自由便利开放的运输政策,建立更加开放的航运制度和船舶管理制度,建设“中国洋浦港”船籍港,实行特殊的船舶登记制度;放宽空域管制和航路限制,优化航权资源配置,提升运输便利化和服务保障水平。

Article 43: HNFTP shall implement highly free, convenient and open transportation policies, establish a more open shipping system and ship management system, build “Yangpu Port of China” into a port of registry, and implement a special ship registration system; and relax the airspace control and shipping route restrictions, optimize the allocation of traffic right resources, and improve the transportation facilitation and service support capabilities.

第四十四条  海南自由贸易港深化人才发展体制机制改革,创新人才培养支持机制,建立科学合理的人才引进、认定、使用和待遇保障机制。

Article 44: HNFTP shall deepen the reforms in talent development systems and mechanisms, innovate talent training support mechanisms, and establish a scientific and reasonable supporting mechanism of talent introduction, identification, use and treatment.

第四十五条  海南自由贸易港建立高效便利的出境入境管理制度,逐步实施更大范围适用免签入境政策,延长免签停留时间,优化出境入境检查管理,提供出境入境通关便利。

Article 45: HNFTP shall establish an efficient and convenient system of exit and entry management, expand the applicable scope of visa-free entry policies, extend visa-free stay periods, optimize the exit and entry check management, and enhance the customs clearance facilitation for exit and entry.

第四十六条  海南自由贸易港实行更加开放的人才和停居留政策,实行更加宽松的人员临时出境入境政策、便利的工作签证政策,对外国人工作许可实行负面清单管理,进一步完善居留制度。

Article 46: HNFTP shall implement more open policies for talents and their residence or stay, more relaxed and convenient policies for temporary exit and entry and work visas, and a negative list management system for foreigners’ work permits to improve its residence system.

第四十七条  海南自由贸易港放宽境外人员参加职业资格考试的限制,对符合条件的境外专业资格认定,实行单向认可清单制度。

Article 47: HNFTP shall relax restrictions on professional qualification examinations for overseas persons, and implement a one-way recognition list system for the accreditation of qualified overseas professional qualifications.

第七章  综合措施 

Chapter VII. Comprehensive Measures

第四十八条  国务院可以根据海南自由贸易港建设的需要,授权海南省人民政府审批由国务院审批的农用地转为建设用地和土地征收事项;授权海南省人民政府在不突破海南省国土空间规划明确的生态保护红线、永久基本农田面积、耕地和林地保有量、建设用地总规模等重要指标并确保质量不降低的前提下,按照国家规定的条件,对全省耕地、永久基本农田、林地、建设用地布局调整进行审批。海南自由贸易港积极推进城乡及垦区一体化协调发展和小城镇建设用地新模式,推进农垦土地资产化。依法保障海南自由贸易港国家重大项目用海需求。

Article 48: According to actual needs from HNFTP development, the State Council may authorize the People’s Government of Hainan Province to approve the reclassification of agricultural lands into construction ones as well as related land requisitions on behalf of it; and subject to key requirements in quantity and quality on ecological protection, permanent basic farmland area, cultivated lands, woodlands and construction lands as set forth in the Territorial Space Plan for Hainan Province, may authorize the People’s Government of Hainan Province to approve adjustments to the composition of cultivated lands, permanent basic farmlands, woodlands and construction lands across the province in accordance with related provisions as prescribed by the State. HNFTP shall actively explore new approaches of integrated and balanced development among urban, rural and reclaimed areas as well as new patterns of usage of construction lands for small towns, and promote the capitalization of agricultural and reclaimed lands. HNFTP shall guarantee the demand for sea area use for major national projects in accordance with the law.

第四十九条  海南自由贸易港建设应当切实保护耕地,加强土地管理,建立集约节约用地制度、评价标准以及存量建设用地盘活处置制度。充分利用闲置土地,以出让方式取得土地使用权进行开发的土地,超过出让合同约定的竣工日期一年未竣工的,应当在竣工前每年征收出让土地现值一定比例的土地闲置费。具体办法由海南省制定。

Article 49: In the construction of HNFTP, arable lands shall be effectively protected, land management shall be strengthened, and systems and evaluation standards for intensive and economical land use, as well as freeing-up and disposal of existing construction lands, shall be established. Idle lands shall be fully utilized, and idle charges shall be levied for each delayed year on the lands on which the construction fails to be completed more than one year as agreed in land assignment contracts at a certain percentage of the present value of the assigned lands. Specific measures shall be formulated by Hainan Province.

第五十条  海南自由贸易港坚持金融服务实体经济,推进金融改革创新,率先落实金融业开放政策。

Article 50: HNFTP shall adhere to the principle of finance servicing the real economy, promote financial reform and innovation, and pioneer opening-up policies in the financial industry.

第五十一条  海南自由贸易港建立适应高水平贸易投资自由化便利化需要的跨境资金流动管理制度,分阶段开放资本项目,逐步推进非金融企业外债项下完全可兑换,推动跨境贸易结算便利化,有序推进海南自由贸易港与境外资金自由便利流动。

Article 51: HNFTP shall establish the management system of cross-border capital flows suitable for the needs of high-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, liberalize capital accounts by stages, enhance the convertibility of non-financial business’s debts, facilitate smooth settlements of cross-border capital flows, and advance free and convenient flows of funds between HNFTP and overseas areas in an orderly manner.

第五十二条  海南自由贸易港内经批准的金融机构可以通过指定账户或者在特定区域经营离岸金融业务。

Article 52: Approved financial institutions in HNFTP may engage in offshore financial operations on designated accounts or in designated areas.

第五十三条  海南自由贸易港加强社会信用体系建设和应用,构建守信激励和失信惩戒机制。

Article 53: HNFTP shall strengthen the construction and operation of a social credit system, and establish mechanisms of encouraging honesty and punishing dishonesty.

第五十四条  国家支持探索与海南自由贸易港相适应的司法体制改革。海南自由贸易港建立多元化商事纠纷解决机制,完善国际商事纠纷案件集中审判机制,支持通过仲裁、调解等多种非诉讼方式解决纠纷。

Article 54: The State shall support the exploration of judicial system reforms relevant to HNFTP development. HNFTP shall establish a diversified resolution mechanism for commercial disputes, improve the centralized trial mechanism for international commercial disputes, and support dispute resolutions through alternative approaches, including arbitration and mediation.

第五十五条  海南自由贸易港建立风险预警和防控体系,防范和化解重大风险。海关负责口岸和其他海关监管区的常规监管,依法查缉走私和实施后续监管。海警机构负责查处海上走私违法行为。海南省人民政府负责全省反走私综合治理工作,加强对非设关地的管控,建立与其他地区的反走私联防联控机制。境外与海南自由贸易港之间、海南自由贸易港与内地之间,人员、货物、物品、运输工具等均需从口岸进出。在海南自由贸易港依法实施外商投资安全审查制度,对影响或者可能影响国家安全的外商投资进行安全审查。海南自由贸易港建立健全金融风险防控制度,实施网络安全等级保护制度,建立人员流动风险防控制度,建立传染病和突发公共卫生事件监测预警机制与防控救治机制,保障金融、网络与数据、人员流动和公共卫生等领域的秩序和安全。

Article 55: HNFTP shall establish a risk warning, prevention and control system to prevent and resolve major risks. The Customs shall conduct routine supervision over ports and customs supervision territories, prevent and crack down on smuggling, and conduct follow-up supervision by law. The coast guard agencies shall investigate and crack down on smuggling and other illegal acts at sea. The People’s Government of Hainan Province shall be responsible for the overall management of anti-smuggling operations across the province, strengthen control over the areas without customs, and establish a joint work mechanism for anti-smuggling with other areas. All persons, goods, articles and means of transportation between HNFTP and overseas areas or the Chinese mainland shall be transferred through ports. HNFTP shall implement the security review system for foreign investments by law and conduct a security review over foreign investments that affect or may affect national security. HNFTP shall establish and improve the financial risk prevention and control system, implement a hierarchical cybersecurity protection system, establish a risk prevention and control system for the flows of persons, and establish a mechanism of monitoring, warning, prevention, control and treatment for infectious diseases and public health events, to ensure the order and security in finance, networks, data, flows of persons, public health and others.

第八章  附则 

Chapter VIII. Supplementary Provisions

第五十六条  对本法规定的事项,在本法施行后,海南自由贸易港全岛封关运作前,国务院及其有关部门和海南省可以根据本法规定的原则,按照职责分工,制定过渡性的具体办法,推动海南自由贸易港建设。

Article 56: For matters uncovered herein, after this Law comes into force and before independent customs operations across Hainan Island, the State Council, together with its relevant authorities and Hainan Province, may, under the principles as prescribed herein and according to the division of functions, formulate specific transitional measures to promote the construction of HNFTP.

第五十七条  本法自公布之日起施行。

Article 57: This Law shall take effect upon its promulgation. 

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